Thursday, February 14, 2008

'TREBOR MUMMIES' - Jackpot comic competition

Remember the post I did on the Trebor Mummies TV advert? Well here is a competition that was held in 'Jackpot' comic, in which you could win a Mummies T-shirt as shown on the cover of Jackpot above. I really love the look of these two T-shirt designs and certainly wish I saw this competition at the time. I wonder if any of the winners still have there T-shirts. Also as the last picture shows there was a free gift of a packet of Mummies with issues of 'Whizzer and Chips', 'Buster', and 'Jinty and Penny' - 'Try the taste of the Tomb'

The issue of Jackpot above is from 16th August 1980 issue 65.

Thanks to darren.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I'd love a T-Shirt like that! Wish I'd entered. Great Adverts.

John said...

It would be quite a museum if all these collectibles were ever kept under one roof!

Cav Scott said...

I remember Mummies. Tasted vile, but I had to eat them because of the name!

Hope you don't mind but I've turned tomb-robber and pinched your image for my blog - see - but made sure I've given you a credit.

Love your blog. Keep up the great work.


Paul said...

Hi Cav
Thats fine. Really like your blog too and thank you for your kind comments.

All the best