Tuesday, July 23, 2013

'HORROR BAGS' [90's Lucky bags] Packaging box

Greetings lovers of the weird and macabre.

I thought it was high time that I began another post and hopefully keep the posts coming more often, it has been ages now and I am sorry for those that keep checking for a new post. All I can say is I'm sorry and thanks for visiting the old Cobwebbed Room. Also I have several comments that I still need to answer too, I will try and do this as soon as I can. Sorry again.


I featured the Horror Bags [Lucky Bags] awhile ago and I forgot all about showing a photo of one of the packaging boxes that they were sold in. Would love to find one of these boxes full of the actual Horror Bags. As I mentioned in my original post, these were certainly the best of the horror/Halloween themed lucky bags.