Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CREEPY COMIX - 'Hire a horror'

'Hire a Horror' was a comicstrip that appeared in 'Cor' comic. This was about an agency that hired out monsters etc to clients to use to scare someone in particuliar situations. The panels here were taken from the 17th April 1971 issue.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

CREEPY COMIX - 'Grimly Feendish'

Here is another comicstrip character that first appeared in 'Wham' [along side George Michael - no of course not, could you imagine though?]. He was the main villain in the comicstrip 'Eagle-eye Junior Spy'. The picture above is from issue no.30 (9th January 1965). Odham's Press Publishers of 'Wham' comic launched a second comic title called 'Smash' in which Grimly got his own strip on the back pages, this time he had a greenish tint to his skin. I am sure he must be inspired by The Addams family character Uncle Fester, certainly there is a likeness, especially from the original Charles Addams illustrations. Eventually Fleetway/IPC obtained the rights to Odham's Characters and Grimly Feendish would be seen again in 'Shiver and Shake' (1973/74). The black and white strip above is from the Pick-a-strip page when Shiver and Shake were incorporated with Whoopee. Dated 9th November 1974. [Thanks to John for the Eagle-Eye strip]

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CREEPY COMIX - Krazy Spooky issue/Buster spooky stories

Although 'Krazy' comic had not featured any spooky type strips for 70 odd issues, there came a special themed issue from 26th Febuary 1977. Other non-horror/spooky comics sometimes had a special themed issue or special, and not always around Halloween which many general comics/magazines choose to do a spooky special. 'Beano' comic published a few spooky specials in recent years and 'Buster' had a couple of softcover annuals - 'Buster book of spooky stories' 1975 and in 1976. These were comicstrips, stories and real life spooky stories and legends.

I am sure there are many others, of which I will post as soon as I find out about any ones of interest. Thanks to John for the Krazy cover.