Monday, November 13, 2006

Palladium Cellars

England has had its fair share of wax museums over the years, some very familiar, others not so. The most famous of the wax museums is of course Madam Tussards in London, there was also a Tussards in Edinbrough too, although a smaller version.
What about the museums/exhibits that cover the horror genre?, Tussards had its chamber of horrors, but the ones I am thinking about are ones such as The London Dungeon and the Edinbrough and York dungeons, these are still in buisness and as popular as ever with the general public and us horror fans. In Whitby they have the small but interesting Dracula Experiance with scenes from Stoker's novel. In Scarbrough they have Terror Towers which covers such characters as Alien, Dracula, mask killers like Jason from Friday the 13th, as well as a Jurassic Park type exhibit, a Witch, haunted lift, creepy allyway etc.
One particuliar waxwork museuem, now long gone was The Palladium Cellars in London. Although it covered many genres of film, such as Westerns, Gangsters, comedy etc It was the horror exhibits that looked to be the most fasinating, I say looked to be, because I had never been there myself but had seen adverts in magazines such as Starburst and Look-in etc and it always looked great. The pictures that you see are from the Palladium cellars souvenior brochure, as you can see the horror exhibits were very much inspired by Hammer Films. One of the palladiun cellars founding members was Hammer Films Michael Carrears.
What ever happened to this waxworks? Did anyone ever go there who could tell us more about it? please leave any comments if you know about the Palladium cellars or of any other fasinating waxworks.

Friday, November 03, 2006

monster cover scrapbook

Above is a scrapbook that I bought from a newsagents back in the late 70's, being a keen monster fan whom liked to cut out pictures, stories etc about monster/horror films from magazines, newspapers, this was the perfect book to keep them in. Ever since that time I bought the scrapbook I have not seen another one like it, except once on e-bay. As far as I am aware I don't think there have been any others with a monster themed cover.
I still keep cuttings that I come across but not as much as I used to. Remember when The News of the World used to be like a broad sheet?, that was one paper that I got some great stories from, ones about witchcraft, ghosts and haunted houses etc. There seemed to be more stories about these subjects than there is now. I used to look in all sorts of magazines looking for interesting articles, pictures and stories, magazines such as sunday newspaper magazines, Look-in, TV guides, film magazines...a lot of these cuttings I have kept in scrapbooks, others I have just put into boxes. I shall have to try and sort through some sometime and maybe put ones that may be suitable for this blog...