Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Horror Bags 'Fangs Toothbrush' offer

I spotted this on ebay a few weeks ago and really wanted to bid for it but as usual I got outbid,but at least I can share the photos of the Fangs wrapper for another Smiths horror Bags promotional item.I had never knew about the Fang toothbrush,you begin to think you now know about all the promotions from Horror Bags then something like this comes up, cool fangtastic item once again. I really wish I could find out for sure what all the promotions were.Anyone know for sure?

Friday, September 14, 2012


For those of you who fondly remember 'Monster Munch' check out this cool blog which shows some of the monsteriffic promotional items you could send for as well as lots of other Monster Munch ghoulness.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'HORROR BAGS' Dracula Puppet

As you may or not noticed it has been quite awile since I last posted here, sorry if you keep coming back and not seeing anything new;been quite busy lately and very tired.Anyway I'm going to try and post more regular from now on if I can.


Well at long last I have at last seen a photo of the illusive Dracula hand puppet from Smiths Horror Bags [See pic] this one was on Ebay not so long ago.Never thought I would ever see an actual one,only ever seen the advertisement from a comic,looks quite nice and better quality than I thought;wasn't even sure what the puppet was made of. I did put a bid on for this but as usual I got outbid which is always the case when I can't be near the computer near the end of the auction,oh well it was just nice to see a photo.