Saturday, May 07, 2011

'HORRORS 'N' HEROES' figures etc.

I have already shown pictures of the 'Horror Bags' Lucky bags that came out around 1997 but I wanted to mention them again because at one point during their run you could collect small plastic figures that came in the lucky bag, along with game cards [similar to Top Trumps], puzzle sheets and Battlefield game board. These were all part of 'Horrors 'N' Heroes', in which you had to try and collect the 16 plastic 2 inch figures which are all based on monsters and heroes of legend such as Minotaur, Hercules, Gorgon etc. In each of the Horror Bags you also got one of the cards and puzzle sheets plus small peices of card with Horror 'N' Heroes written on one side, these were for the figures to be glued onto to form a stable base for them to stand on. The Battlefield game board parts came in the giant sized Horror Bags [Never got any part of the game myself]. The only picture I have seen of the gameboard is from the advert you see in the photo. The advert was featured on the back of one of the horror themed colouring books you sometimes got too, these coluring books featured drawings of some of the Monsters and heroes from the game as well as other spooky images [will do a post on these sometime]. There were 8 puzzles to collect of which I managed to get 5 of them, as a bonus if you collected all 8 and then completed the puzzles you could send away for the Battlefield game board, although on the first puzzle it says you could send for a mystery gift.

I managed to collect 11 of the 16 figures which you can see above, would love to know what the other 5 figures were. Anyway I'll tell what the figures are that I have: Ist photo from left to right - Echidine, Neptune???, Boreas, not sure what this one is, and Cyclops. 2nd photo: Chimera, Heracles, and Scylla. 3rd photo: Gorgon, Minotaur, and Hydra. As you can see these are quite nicely detailed figures. Can anyone else remember these figures or even have any of the other 5 figures? Would also like to see a photo of the Battlefield gameboard too if anyone has one.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

'GHOST STORIES' - Duke of York theatre, London.

Saturday just gone I went to London to see Andy Nyman's and Jeremy Dyson's 'Ghost Stories' at The Duke of York theatre. I love a good spooky play at the theatre and this one certainly is a top peice of theatre of fright. I won't go into the actual plot and story of 'Ghost Stories' [It seems a tradition that audience members don't reveal any of the plot]. I will say that if you enjoy theatre productions of plays like Susan Hill's classic 'The Woman in Black', you will love 'Ghost Stories' for its spookiness, eerieness, and creepyness, but you will also experiance the intense, the monstrous and also have a few laughs along the way. The production has amazing atmosphere and special effects that are Incredible, that sometimes makes you think "How the Hell was that done?". Andy Nyman's and Jeremy Dyson's love and understanding of all things ghostly and horrific certainly comes through this production with plenty of thrills and chills that will make many people jump, scream, or get the pulse pumping a little faster.

Ever since 'Ghost Stories' opened in Liverpool at the Liverpool Playhouse and at The Lyric Hammersmith, over 130,000 audience members have been thrilled and chilled. And now playing in the West end to still packed shows. So please don't just take my word for it, if you have the nerves and are 15years old and over then do see this wonderful creepy play which ends this year on June 19th.

Thanks Andy.