Saturday, May 07, 2011

'HORRORS 'N' HEROES' figures etc.

I have already shown pictures of the 'Horror Bags' Lucky bags that came out around 1997 but I wanted to mention them again because at one point during their run you could collect small plastic figures that came in the lucky bag, along with game cards [similar to Top Trumps], puzzle sheets and Battlefield game board. These were all part of 'Horrors 'N' Heroes', in which you had to try and collect the 16 plastic 2 inch figures which are all based on monsters and heroes of legend such as Minotaur, Hercules, Gorgon etc. In each of the Horror Bags you also got one of the cards and puzzle sheets plus small peices of card with Horror 'N' Heroes written on one side, these were for the figures to be glued onto to form a stable base for them to stand on. The Battlefield game board parts came in the giant sized Horror Bags [Never got any part of the game myself]. The only picture I have seen of the gameboard is from the advert you see in the photo. The advert was featured on the back of one of the horror themed colouring books you sometimes got too, these coluring books featured drawings of some of the Monsters and heroes from the game as well as other spooky images [will do a post on these sometime]. There were 8 puzzles to collect of which I managed to get 5 of them, as a bonus if you collected all 8 and then completed the puzzles you could send away for the Battlefield game board, although on the first puzzle it says you could send for a mystery gift.

I managed to collect 11 of the 16 figures which you can see above, would love to know what the other 5 figures were. Anyway I'll tell what the figures are that I have: Ist photo from left to right - Echidine, Neptune???, Boreas, not sure what this one is, and Cyclops. 2nd photo: Chimera, Heracles, and Scylla. 3rd photo: Gorgon, Minotaur, and Hydra. As you can see these are quite nicely detailed figures. Can anyone else remember these figures or even have any of the other 5 figures? Would also like to see a photo of the Battlefield gameboard too if anyone has one.


High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Soupie said...


More excellent, great information. Thanks so much. I run a mini-figure blog called Toypedia, and your information about the Horror Bags helped us mini-figure collectors ID HNH after searching for several years. I have a post about HNH and a picture of a figure you don't have. Check it out:

Paul said...

Hi Soupie, I have had a look at your website and I really love it and it was so nice to see another post about the Horrors 'N' Heroes figures, I had never seen one of the leaflets with the figures on before;not sure why I didn't get one in the Horror Bags the figures came in. Glad that my post and pictures were helpful and the same goes for your post too, thank you.

Little Weirdos said...

Great post! I wish I could find some Horrors N Heroes figures (especially Scylla). If you ever have any extras for sale please let me know. :)

Marc said...

I'm going to leave this comment on both of your blogs, if I may, for obvious reasons; maybe somebody can help.
As a kid, I had some Horrors n' Heroes from these Horror lucky bags. I also got a fair selection of Monster in my Pocket figures from a charity shop. I have none of them now that I am 22, I took them to a charity shop a year ago so that another child could maybe appreciate them. Today I've remembered one of these figures especially, one that stood out the most to me, I guess, for it's concept. Upon searching through your blog and other sites about Horrors n' Heroes, Monster in my Pocket and other toylines I've been unable to find this specific figure. He strongly resembled the Headbanger character from the Toxic Crusaders toyline - it could be plagiarism - but was only in one colour, a bright yellow similar to that of the Monster in my Pocket yellow colour, but he had the style and material of a Horrors n' Heroes figure. I'm certain he came from a Horror lucky bag in the 90's, I'm 99.9% certain. He had the two heads of Headbanger (TC character), one grotesque, one macho-looking, and one arm withered, one arm strong etc. Very bright yellow, so much so that the detail and features were a bit difficult to see.
Anyone know where this figure came from, what toyline?

Thanks in advance.

Marc said...

Ah, now I'm at a computer (and not using my difficult phone) I've discovered it!
Yolanda version of Toxic Crusaders toys! Headbanger in bright yellow! Thank you for having this on your blog, it's a great resource!

Michael Weceh said...

I, amazingly, prefer the Horrors to the Heroes.

I know the 8 Horrors are:

(Lernean) Hydra
Scylla (without Charybdis)

Does anyone have facts cards of any of them, since the only creature I don't know that much about is Boreas.

Also, regarding the 'battlefields' that they came with, does anyone remember what exactly they said?

I remember some of the stuff they said:

To make the figure more stable on the battlefield, roughen the bottom of the feet with sandpaper or a nail file. Apply a small amount of glue and (that's all I can remember).

LittleWeirdos said...

I realize this post is quite old, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I am trying very hard to get a Medusa/Gorgon HnH figure as I have collected all of the other 15 sculpts and that's the last one I need. I don't expect that you want to part with yours, but in the event you'd consider selling or trading it, please reach out at Thank you!

Paul said...

Hi LittleWeirdos

I would love to say yes I would sell my Gorgon/Medusa figure but I too am trying to complete my collection of Horrors and Heroes, I still need about 5 more. If I ever come across another Gorgon I'll certainly let you know. I'm always looking for these figures in Charity shops/carboot sales etc

All the best

Unknown said...

Hi! I only need Scylla to finish my collection. By any chance you have a spare one or you gave up collecting them? Thanks!

Paul said...

Thanks for comment. I'm sorry I don't have a spare Scylla, I wish I had. I am still trying to get the 5 remaining ones I need. If I ever come across a spare Scylla I'll certainly let you know via here.
Good luck yourself searching for one.

Ezequiel Fuentes Jr said...

Hello Paul, would you be willing to part way the whole 11 collection? I have nothing to trade it would be money.

Thank you

Paul said...


No I'm sorry but I really want to hang onto them. If I ever come across any more I'll let you know.
All the best