Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sometimes the coolest Halloween things can be found in places that every Halloween normally have cheap and tacky ghoulish goods, I am talking mainly of the Pound shops, but I guess you get what you pay for, but it's nice when you do see something that catches your eye. Something a little unusual or as nice graphics or nice design. I don't have anything against tacky items as such but sometimes they can have a bit of tacky class to them. Anyway one such item as you see pictured here is this fantastic looking Vampire spooky door knocker which I got a few years ago from a 99p shop. I wish I bought a few of these now as they are just wonderfully sculpted and a little sinister. Although it is only made of plastic, I think it would look great on an old spooky door all the time or just for Halloween. The 'Spooky Door knocker' was part of the Horror Zone range at 99p stores, this particular item was made by Rayland, not sure if they made all the Horror zone range. Hope to see more of this type of Halloween product at 99p and Pound shops.


The Frog Queen said...

Cool piece. We had them at our dollar stores here....I have one on the shop WC door :)

Nice to see it has made its way around the world...soon to be on doors everywhere! :D


Paul said...

Thanks for the info Frog Queen, I never realised that you had them in America too, although I should of realised as they are probally more American than British. I would love to be in American during Halloween, although I was in Florida last year in the middle of October where I saw some fangtastic Halloween stuff. On the WC door? wonderful, do people use the knocker?