Thursday, January 21, 2010

'HOUSE OF HORROR' [Bassetts] Mail away poster

Here we have the mail away poster that you could send away for from Bassetts for sticking the 50 card set of 'House of Horror' cards on to. I don't think I would of wanted to stick the cards to it but I am sure they would of looked really good on it. Really love the artwork on this. I suppose it makes a nice change having a poster rather than an album to stick them into and at least you can see all the cards in their glory on your wall.


I did a post of the Scary stickers that you could collect from boxes of Weetabix a while ago but this is the first time I have seen an actual comic ad for them.

Thanks to Peter for this.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'CREATURES OF LEGEND' - PG Tips cards & Album

I used to really like it when my Mum many years ago now used to buy PG Tips[Brooke Bond] tea bags and the simple reason was because of the cards they had in which you could collect and also send for an album to stick them in. The bigger the box of tea bags or tea the more cards would be inside [usually 1 to 3 cards]. There have been a large variety of card sets that could be collected; but for the benifit of this blog here we have a set called 'Creatures of Legend'. The set was introduced in about 1993/94 and there were 24 cards to collect. All were illustrated by Mark Longworth. These wonderful cards covered all manner of classic creatures of legend, mainly from Greek legends but as you see from the 3 cards above the set included 3 of the classic movie monsters Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, and King Kong, all beautifully illustrated. On the backs of each card you could read about the creatures/monsters. Missing from the cards above are the following:

#1 Pegasus
#2 Centaurs
#4 Scylla
#11 Cyclops
#12 Ogres
#13 Trolls
#14 Fairies
#21 The Yeti
#24 The Loch Ness Monster

Also you can see a picture of the album cover also beautifully illustrated.

I wonder why PG Tips stopped including cards in their boxes of tea bags/tea? Its such a shame, the same can be said for cereals too. There just is no fun in buying food products no more, especially for the kids.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

'HORROR BAGS - CREEPY CLUTCHERS' - Contributed photo

Here is a photo of a few very well worn and played with Creepy Clutchers. In a way it is nice to see that these were not just stored away and forgotten about, these were certainly played with as they were intended...well to a certain degree.

Thanks Daz, very much appriciated.