Monday, December 19, 2011

'Monster Heads' Toys.

This ad came from an issue of 2000ad (prog 498 29th November 1986), its the first time I have come across these before, certainly can't remember seeing them in the shops back then. They look great and more than likely influenced by the big major toy range of the 1980's TRANSFORMERS, although these Monster Heads look very basic in their transformation, but I think still quite cool and also remind me a little of the wonderful Mighty Max mini playset monster heads. As you can see from the above ad there are 4 monster heads in the set,these being Dracula, Frankenstein, Skull and Gorilla and all are friction powered too. Monster Head Metamorphs made by Matsushiro.

'SCREAM' Comic - Full page ad.

I have put a few comic book ads for the 80's 'Scream' comic but I came across this full page ad for #1 in an issue of 2000 ad [Prog 361 24th March 84]. Hope you like it.