Saturday, June 27, 2009


The majority of the comicstrips which form most of this annual are hosted by a suave man known simply has the storyteller whom travels the world seeking strange tales [see above]. Short stories, a game, true mysteries, a creepy quiz, and a poem by Walter La Mare. Most of the comicstrips as you would imagine for a annual aimed at female readers usually is a young female as the hero/heroine. I really like the cover of this annual which contains the typical iconic images of a spooky setting, The Creepy castle, bats, Witch and in the foreground a scared looking girl reading an old book by candlelight and of course the black cat. I wonder if The June book of Strange Stories was an inspiration to the later supernatural themed girls comic 'Misty'?

Here is the contents:

[CS = Comicstrip]

'The Prince of Lightning' [CS]
'Doomsday for St.Denny's' [Short story]
'Legend of the Bell' [CS]
'Aztec Gold' [CS]
'To save sammy' [CS]
'The Gay Dolphin' [CS]
'Mirage in the Desert' [CS]
'The Ghostly Guide' [CS]
'Escape from the Haunted House' [Maze game]
'The swing of the Pendulum' [Short Story]
'The Magic Violin' [CS]
'Mysteries of time and space' [True mysteries]
'Creepy Quiz'
'The Haunted Museum' [CS]
'Song without words' [CS]
'The Farmyard Judges' [CS]
'Rogue Elephant' [CS]
'The Siamese Cat mystery' [CS]
'Where did they come from...and go to?' [True Mysteries]
'The Rain Goblins' [CS]
'The Friendly Ghost' [CS]
'The Magic Spectacles' [CS]
'The Listeners' by Walter De La Mare [Poem]
'Who was she really?' [CS]
'At the Rainbow's end...' [CS]
'Fantastic but true' [True Mystery]
'The Green Rose' [CS]
'Loom of fate' [CS]
'The Doomed Classroom' [CS]

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