Tuesday, February 02, 2021

More Palladium Cellars memorabilia

 Here we have a few more items from The Palladium Cellars:

2 different fold out leaflets, one featuring the various sections of the Cellars and what displays are in each section

A letter explaining what the Palladium Cellars is and what visitors to the cellars will experience

Lastly is a wonderful poster which would of been displayed at the entrance

Thanks to David for the photos


The copyright on the album is 1987, the copyright on the stickers is 1986 for the Starbears and 1985 for the Scarebears stickers, the album is in 2 sections, the first is the section on Starbears which goes from sticker 1 to 180, then you flip it over from the back and this section covers the Scarebears stickers 181 to 330. The Scarebears features are Count Ted, Quasibear, Bone Bear, Hero - Worship, What I did on my holidays count Ted in Cannes France, Frankie Bear, Were Bear, Things that go bump in the night, Boo Bear and Tuten Bear. The Star Bears section of the album has the Zodiac as it's theme.

Here are a few examples from the quite rare 'Scarebears' sticker album. 

Thanks to Richard for the scans and information

Saturday, November 09, 2019

'Trebor Mummies' Trade advertisement

Here we have another contribution of a fantastic trade ad for 1980s 'Trebor Mummies'. This is really superb, I love the graphics on the display boxes, would love to come across one of those.
The text at the bottom reveals the secret flavors, the haunting 'Tales from the tomb' on the inside of the labels and the advertising campaigns on TV and in comics.
Thank you Jason for a great ad, please check out his brilliant page on collecting candy, some really cool packaging on there.

Collecting Candy

'1970s Monster glow-in-the-dark stickers'

I featured one of these stickers quite awhile ago and I have always wondered what the others looked like, so now at last thanks to a reader of the Cobwebbed Room they have provided a picture of their full set. Great looking stickers, not sure or have forgot how these stickers were bought at the time, were they sold as a set or were they single stickers? Either way really good to see these.
Thank you to the kind person who provided the picture of them.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

'Curse of the Werewolf' - Ken Hill musical theatre programme

I came across this theatre programme for the Ken Hill musical 'The Curse of the Werewolf' quite recently. I had heard of Ken Hill before and I knew that he also did plays/musicals for 'The Phantom of the Opera' and 'The Invisible Man'. When I looked him up and saw that he also did 'The Curse of the Werewolf' I was intrigued. I have no idea if it is based at all on the Hammer film starring Oliver Reed, but seeing this brochure with the wonderful drawing of Oliver Reed as Leon the Werewolf which I think is the same artwork from the adaptation of the film by John Bolton featured in 'House of Hammer' magazine, I just had to have a copy of the programme. I have only included a few pages here which are more relevant this blog. One nice little touch is the mention of selling Walls 'Monster' lollies during the interval. I wonder if these are the 'Magic Monster' ice lollies which came out about the time of this production in 1980, the ones in which the wrapper would reveal a monster on the front when the lolly was taken out the wrapper. See an ad below. Never actually seen a photo of them or remember them from that time.

'Monster glow in the dark stickers'

An artist friend of mine has started a Patreon page which supports him in his artistic projects. By donating a small amount each month he will create a glow-in-the-dark monster sticker as a thank you for donating and supporting his projects. There are 3 stickers produced at the moment of a 'Killer Shrew', 'Creature [from the black Lagoon]' and 'Creeping Terror', these are beautiful pieces. I have just received the 3 stickers from him today and can assure you they really are a worthy edition to any monster collection. Also by joining his patreon page you can also make suggestions for any future stickers. Another project he is hoping to get off the ground is a self published book which will feature 30 original paintings devoted to 1980s/90s monster/horror nostalgia. Please check out his page which also contains some of his youtube videos which shows him painting in time lapse, some great paintings here one of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and John Carradine together [House of Long Shadows], Frankenhooker, Joe Bob Briggs [Monster Vision] etc.

He is a great guy and I know he will be really happy with the support and appreciation of his talents. Thank you.


Saturday, August 03, 2019

'Palladium Cellars' article - 'Action' Annual 1982

First of all I am so sorry for not posting anything for ages for those that keep returning here. Just been too tired after work etc.

Sometimes it's quite surprising what you find when looking through an old annual that you don't normally bother looking through either because it doesn't Interest you or because you don't expect anything that would be suitable to your interests. Well I saw this Action annual at a carboot sale and thought I'll have a quick flick through and lo and behold I saw a nice picture of a Werewolf in an article, so I bought the annual and it wasn't until I got home an read it that I discovered it was about the Palladium Cellars; it's not often you come across anything connected with the short lived attraction.So I thought I would share it here. Hope you like it and find it Interesting.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Middle English - 'Ghosts' documentary 1980

Interesting documentary presented by Aidan Chambers whom wrote the book 'Haunted Houses' Piccolo books 1971 and 'More Haunted Houses' Piccolo 1973, the documentary was from the Schools programme 'Middle English' in 1980. Look for the brief clips inside The Palladium Cellars.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hammer star Katya Wyeth - Top of the Pops album covers

I didn't realise that this was former German model and actress the lovely Katya Wyeth until I came across her name on a website dedicated to the 'Top of the Pops' LPs. Well I thought I would feature these 2 covers as a follow up to the post I did not so long ago on 'Non-genre records with a genre connection'.
Katya featured in a number of horror films which include 'Hands of the Ripper' (1971) [1st pub Whore], 'Twins of evil' (1971) [Countess Mircalla], 'A Clockwork Orange' (1971) [Girl in Ascot Fantasy], 'Burke and Hare' (1972) [Natalie], 'Straight on till morning' (1972) [Caroline] and 'Dead of Night' [TV series] (1972) ep.'Death cancels all debts' [Vanessa].
Volume 23

Volume 45
Katya as Countess Mircalla from 'Twins of Evil'

Publicity still from 'Twins of Evil', Katya here with Mary and Madeline Collinson

'Hands of the Ripper'