Sunday, October 03, 2021

Smiths Horror Bags Apron.

 I had this photo kindly sent to me, I think they obtained it from another website. Well I have never seen one of these vinyl aprons before, never even knew one existed. I think it is certainly one of the best Horror Bags items I have seen before. I just love the artwork on this, sure is a stunning piece. I don't think it is one of the many promotional goodies that could be sent away for by sending off so many empty packets. What ever the story on this apron, it's just so nice to see. Still need to come across the Vampire/Dracula toothbrush, the T-shirt, I forget what others, would also love to see any store displays.

A Big thank you for the Apron photo.


Neil said...

These HB stuff is turning up all the time. Makes me wonder how many other mailaways or what other stuff was available.

John Gilheany said...

Uncanny - the way these exhibits keep arising!

Just dropped by after ... good grief, the decades add up these days 😅

Great to see you're keeping these 'trashy treasures' alive, as always, for the sake of spectacular 70s sub-culture 💫

Angeline Adams said...

Lovely to see you're still blogging! Possibly my first time commenting, but I come back every so often and find wonderful things I've never seen anywhere else, including quite a few from my 80s childhood.

steve said...

hi Paul. wow, long time no speak

Paul said...

Hi Steve,

which Steve are you?