Wednesday, April 29, 2009

'HORROR BAGS' - Fungames pack

When I first became interested in promotional items from Smith's Horror Bags, I was amazed at how many horror themed items that were released from the crisp/snack company back in the 1970's. For so many years I was only aware of the duffel/swimming bag that you could send away for with so many empty packs of Horror Bags. Now the past few years several items have come to light that I of course never knew about and the latest in this line is what you see here - The Horror Bags Fungames pack. In side this wonderful colourful illustrated pack is a selection of monster themed games, a glow-in-the -dark haunted castle poster, a spooky mobile, and 2 card masks of the Horror Bags Vampire and the Frankenstein Monster. All items are printed on either thin card or paper. The Haunted Castle poster is in 2 sections, the castle picture goes over a picture of various monsters etc and when they are together the doors and windows of the castle can be opened up to reveal the monsters underneath. The games consist of puzzle games, counting games, counting quizzes and the like. The mobile consists of a Bat, Witch, and a Ghost. The 2 masks are printed on thin card and I am guessing that the Vampire mask is not the same that could be sent for from promotional packs, it just seems too flimsy for something that you would post off for. Now I wonder what other promotional items will come to light, I just wish there were some kind of Smith's archive that contained all of the promotional items that were released and press information, adverts, empty packs and boxes etc. I am sure there must be some form of archive as I would imagine that most highly established companies would keep a record of previous products. Its an important part of our cultural heritage surely.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

'COUNT THE CASH' - Scratch Card

This was nice to see last year or was it the year before?, a nice change amoung all the usual scratch cards that you see in the shops. Although there are a number of themed cards that come out especially when a new film comes out, but certainly not many horror themed cards apart from the ones that usually come out about Halloween time. The 'Count the Cash' card's image used in the design is from the main image of the poster from Hammer's 'Taste the Blood of Dracula', shame that they didn't design some other Hammer Horror themed cards like 'Mummy Money', 'Frankenstein Fortune' etc.

'MONSTER MUNCH' - Classic design re-launch

First of all for those that have been visiting The Cobwebbed Room, I am really sorry for the lack of posts lately, I was off the internet for about 3 weeks due to a change of modem that wouldn't let me on the net, anyway its ok now. So hopefully I will try and start to get more regular posts up here now. Please continue to visit this cobwebbed strewn room.

I have been meaning to put this post up since last year when the new re-launched Monster Munch classic designs first came out. I think it was a wise move getting rid of those awful boring designs of the more modern Monster Munch range, and I am sure you will agree that the old designs are much more pleasing. Some of the differences between the new and old packs is now the new packs are bigger hence the 'Mega' above Monster Munch and the flavor Flamin Hot. As well as the 3 new packs that you see here, the 3 Monster Munch toys were available free from a number of shops after buying 3 packs of Monster Munch, 3 packs for each toy. These are about 2 inches tall.