Saturday, February 28, 2009


In a similar vein to Badtime Bedtime Stories that appeared in issues of 'Monster Fun', the Creepy Sleepy Stories' from 'Cheeky' comic were a little more creepy than those featured in Badtime Bedtime Stories. These 2 page sinister takes on nursery rhymes were nicely produced peices of Macabre Humour. The 2 seen here are from 'Cheeky' #1 (22nd October 1977) and #2 (29th October 1977).

Thanks to John for the scans.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Premio Dardos Regognition Blogger award

First of all thank you so much Max the Drunkened Severed Head for voting for me, you clearly have a good head on your shoulders, do you have shoulders? Or are you just kept on the mantel piece?
I am sure that all Bloggers and writers of websites would be grateful of some sort of regognition for the contribution they bring to their readers, well the Blogging world has the Premio dardos award which is given for excellence in the Blogging field. It is a way of showing that readers of your blog have some respect and think that your blog is worthy of such a accolade. It works in a similiar way to a chain letter - you have to pick 5 blogs that you think deserve a pat on the back for their excellence, these are emailed and then they have to do the same.

Anyway here is my 5 blogs that I think deserve regognition:

Drunken Severed Head - Wonderful entertaining, funny, and monsteriffic site that is always great to visit.

Zombo's Closet - Nice cosy blog about Monsters and Horror, entertaining, informative and fun.

Hammer and Beyond - Anyone who enjoys the Hammer Horror films will love this blog, keeps up with any new Hammer Film news.

Groovy Age of Horror - This is a surperb site that showcases those wonderful paperback horror, Erotica etc books with their great and sometimes strange cover art/photos, also on the site is many European Horror comic art [For the Broadminded], entertaining and informative.

Crosseyed Cyclops - Surperb blog that has many Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines and comics to download [These are full issue scans] also has quite a few public domain films etc.
Many of the magazine and comic scans are from the 60's and 70's, great for those magazines and comics that are hard to come by or too expensive.

Monday, February 02, 2009


All of the above adverts were featured in issues of 'Whizzer and Chips' comic. First up we have an advert for 'The Palladium Cellars' in London which I have featured else where in The Cobwebbed Room. The ad has you can see has a special token for readers of 'Jackpot', 'Whizzer and Chips' and 'Buster & Whoopee' for half price admission for 2 people into the Palladium Cellars. The ad is also illustrated with 2 photos of 2 of the exhibits Werewolf and Yul Brynner. [Featured in 18th July 1981 issue]. Next up is a section from a Walls Ice cream ad, here featuring the 'Magic Monster' lolly. Now this looks so cool or cold for that matter, I don't remember these myself but if anyone does or better still has empty wrappers that they could share here then I would be very grateful. The 'Magic' part of the lolly is when the lolly is taken out of the wrapper that a monster image suddenley appears. Here we see Frankenstein's Monster, anyone know what other monsters were also used? [Featured in 12th July 1980 and also 23rd August 1980 issues]. The 3rd ad shows the loveable Honey Monster that were shown on TV alongside Henry Magee for 'Sugar puffs' cereal. Here in this promotion is that in special boxes of Sugar puffs you can collect stick on badges of the Honey Monster. 'Tell them about the honey Mummy' [Featured in 30th August 1980 issue]. Last up is a promotion from Heinz Spaghetti Hoops and Noodle Doodles for a Dinosaur wall chart which measured 491/2 cm by 149cm and up to 5 soft plastic 12" dinosaur models by collecting labels from Spaghetti Hoops and/or Noodle Doodles. [Featured in 19th July 1980 issue].