Saturday, February 28, 2009


In a similar vein to Badtime Bedtime Stories that appeared in issues of 'Monster Fun', the Creepy Sleepy Stories' from 'Cheeky' comic were a little more creepy than those featured in Badtime Bedtime Stories. These 2 page sinister takes on nursery rhymes were nicely produced peices of Macabre Humour. The 2 seen here are from 'Cheeky' #1 (22nd October 1977) and #2 (29th October 1977).

Thanks to John for the scans.


John said...

Actually, I had to read a few of the panels twice! It probably all seems more macabre to the adult mind than it would to kids - great tales though within such a concise format.

Paul said...

I totally agree John.