Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Here is another 4 pictures. The 2nd and 3rd ones are the front and back of the same bag. I love the artwork on the bottom picture.


What I like about lucky bags is you just never know what you are going to find in these mix bags of surprise. Sometimes you get some really cool stuff, but there are times when you think "What the hell is this trash?' and you wonder will it be worth buying another just to see if the other contains anything more interesting. I know its really aimed at children but when I see a lucky bag which has a horror or Halloween them then I have to buy one and see what monster goodies are inside, besides some of the artwork on these lucky bags are quite cool too. The first 4 you see here are the front and backs of 2 themed ones I bought sometime during the 90's. These did have some really nice monster toys, cards etc. The first one also later on came in a much bigger packaging too. What I hate about some of these lucky bags is when you feel like you have been cheated when they pad the bag out with too many sweets. I like sweets but you want something that you probally can't buy as easy in any newsagents etc. Also some of these so called Horror/Halloween lucky bags are just full of crap that has no connection with horror or Halloween. I know its all kids stuff but I don't care really, I just enjoy the joy of coming across a monster themed toy or gift that is great to look at and something that you don't always come across normally. I have put up these first 5 images of 3 of the horror lucky bags and will be adding some more soon. All of them are from the 1990's/2000's. If anyone has any others especially earlier ones would love to hear about them.