Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Managed to find some of the 'Curse of Frankenstein' Hammer socks that I mentioned in my other post about the 'Hammer' Dracula socks. These are from 'Asdas' also.

'SCREECH' - game

A game that is played in the dark, how cool and spooky. 'Screech' is a great simple game that consists of a plastic owl which is battery operated, a number of cards that have glow-in-the-dark pictures on them, a number of rubber feely creatures and a feely sack for the creatures [This is beginning to sound quite rude, I'm just saying what they called from the box]. The object of the game is straight forward enough: The cards are layed face down and the feely creatures put into the sack. One player is chosen to start first, you turn the owl on by the switch at the back which lights up the owl's eyes. On top of the owl is a crest which you spin round and when it stops a pair of spooky creatures is lit up in the owl's eyes, the player then takes one of the cards face down and slides it into the slot just under the owl's head, the card is held there for 3 to 4 seconds and when taken out the image on the card will glow revealing which creature you have, if it is the same has those in the Owl's eyes then you take a feely creature from the sack, then its the next players turn. The first to win 3 feely creatures is the winner. However there are 2 cards that have a different meaning, if you get one with a foot on it then that player has another go and if you get a card with a Goblin on it then you have to return one of your feely creatures to the sack. I think it would add to the atmosphere of playing in the dark by playing some eerie music or playing nighttime sound effects such has owl's hooting and screeching, trees blowing in the wind, etc. Not sure when this game is from, looks to be sometime during the 1970's, although the game is made in America by 'Parker', it says on the box that Parker games is a division of 'Palitoy Ltd', Coalville, Leicester, England, so I would imagine the game was distributed in the UK too. Love the artwork on this box especially the pointing skeleton.