Friday, April 27, 2012


Here is something for those with a sweet fang,sorry I mean sweet tooth.Dracula rock from Whitby,Yorkshire the place where part of Bram Stoker's dracula was set.

Thanks Marcus

Thursday, April 26, 2012

'DINOSAURS' Colouring Book

'SPACE CREATURES' Colouring Book

Sometime ago I did a couple of posts on 2 Action colouring books Horror and Monsters, I bought these myself back in the 1980's and have always enjoyed the pictures in them to colour in,some of the pictures were a little unusual in that they featured drawings that were based on some old horror or monster film image and changed them a little giving the monster or human character a complete different look. Anyway not so long ago I was told that there were 2 more similar themed colouring books in the same Action colouring books series,these are now featured thanks to a kind contributer who scanned the covers and a few of the pages.It is so nice to see these,always wondered what they would be like and I think they are just as good as the Horror and Monster ones.

Thanks Guy

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Awhile ago I did a post regarding a toy a freind of mine remembered from the early 70's,in some ways even after talking to me about it that he wasn't 100% sure if what he told me was right.[He was a little drunk at the time].Anyway after many searches on the net and coming across nothing,a kind contributer to the Cobwebbed room sent me some photos of the toy and box, my freind spoke of- 'Action Spooky'.At long last the search and curiosity is over.I thought and I'm sure my mate will be that we would never see a photo of an actual one.I don't know if you can read what it says on the box but it says  "Empire Made" and sole distributors; Candex Ltd, 6 Kensington Court, London W8.Love the graphics on the box and the cool skull of course.

Thank you so much Mark.