Thursday, April 26, 2012

'SPACE CREATURES' Colouring Book

Sometime ago I did a couple of posts on 2 Action colouring books Horror and Monsters, I bought these myself back in the 1980's and have always enjoyed the pictures in them to colour in,some of the pictures were a little unusual in that they featured drawings that were based on some old horror or monster film image and changed them a little giving the monster or human character a complete different look. Anyway not so long ago I was told that there were 2 more similar themed colouring books in the same Action colouring books series,these are now featured thanks to a kind contributer who scanned the covers and a few of the pages.It is so nice to see these,always wondered what they would be like and I think they are just as good as the Horror and Monster ones.

Thanks Guy


Malcolm Kirk said...

It looks like Taylor's flung something in Doctor Zaius's face.

I suppose if you associate with primates for too long, you're bound to pick up some nasty habits.

Paul said...

Ha ha! I never thought of it like that.Its a strange interpretation,maybe its from 'Pancake of the Apes'

andrew moonbeam said...

Could you please upload more pages from the 2 action colouring books Horror and Monsters, especially if I remeber rightly, the Francis Bacon like human creatures in everyday settings, they disturbed me deeply when I was young, THANKS