Wednesday, April 08, 2009

'COUNT THE CASH' - Scratch Card

This was nice to see last year or was it the year before?, a nice change amoung all the usual scratch cards that you see in the shops. Although there are a number of themed cards that come out especially when a new film comes out, but certainly not many horror themed cards apart from the ones that usually come out about Halloween time. The 'Count the Cash' card's image used in the design is from the main image of the poster from Hammer's 'Taste the Blood of Dracula', shame that they didn't design some other Hammer Horror themed cards like 'Mummy Money', 'Frankenstein Fortune' etc.

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Chris Rhodes said...

I came across your page while trying to find images of old scratch cards.
This ticket was one I designed when I worked in graphic design.
We did develop a range of Hammer based tickets but the big wigs at Camelot thought only the Christopher Lee card was the most recognisable.