Saturday, January 09, 2010

'HORROR BAGS - CREEPY CLUTCHERS' - Contributed photo

Here is a photo of a few very well worn and played with Creepy Clutchers. In a way it is nice to see that these were not just stored away and forgotten about, these were certainly played with as they were intended...well to a certain degree.

Thanks Daz, very much appriciated.


Anonymous said...

Hi There
Is there anyway i can contact you by email? ive got quite a bit to say and im blown away by this site. This is so close to my own upbringing in the 1970's its unbeleivable, from the horror double bills to horror bag crisps. didnt think id ever see a site like it. My childhood coming alive again!!
thanks very much
Greg Halpin (UK)

Paul said...

Hi Greg
Thank you so much for the kind comments, I am very pleased that you are enjoying my site.

My email is:

All the best

John M. Gilheany said...

Makes me wish I hadn't used mine as bookmarks, as they were made of quite brittle plastic. That set's in far better nick. The colours were quite sophisticated too.

Paul said...

I suppose at the time John you don't think about keeping things like this in good un-used condition, you just have fun with them. I love the colours on these, so nicely bold and finished.

Anonymous said...

Top left hand corner... I think that might be based on Aleister Crowley: