Monday, December 28, 2009

'WICKED' - Marvel Comic 1989

First of all I would just like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, especially for those of you who keep checking back here. I really must try and get more regular posts written for the Cobwebbed Room. If there are any of you that has something to contribute in the way of a post or picture then please don't hesitate. Anyway hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a wonderful new year.


First Published in 1989 Marvel's 'Wicked' comic was as far as I am aware had only a very short run, the issues you see here are the only ones that I have and I certainly don't remember seeing anymore after the 6th issue, I somehow missed the 5th issue too. 'Wicked's stories and artwork were very similar to those published in Fleetway's comiclines especially spooky and funny themed comics such as 'Monster Fun' and 'Shiver and Shake'. The stories featured regulary in the short run were as follows:
'SLIMER' [based on the 'Ghostbusters' character]
'MUMMY's BOY' [Not the one featured in Fleetway's comics]

The first 3 issues as shown below featured a free gift, the first issue were a pair of green plastic fangs, 2nd issue 4 removeable tattoos, and the 3rd issue a slimey'Real Ghostbusters' jelly sweet. Would love to know if anyone knows if there were any other issues after #6 or they have a picture of the 5th issue.


Karl La Fong said...

I couldn't remember this one at all...I'll keep an eye out for issue five for you!

Paul said...

Yes I think it must of been one of those comics that just comes and goes so quickly. Thanks for the offer of keeping an eye out for the 5th issue.

ronlal said...

I have 15 issues dating from 3rd June 1989 to 9Th September 1989.

Paul said...

Thanks for that Ronlal
Didn't realise it lasted for 15 issues, did the comicstrips stay the same or were any new ones introduced?

ronlal said...

You are welcome Paul. Some characters are missing from the September 9th issue. I have not looked carefully at the others but in this one, new stories, compared to the 3rd June issue, are Zombears, Grotty Lotty,Nursery Nightmares, Burpzilla and The Daily Howl. Apologies if I do not reply to any other message which you may send. Unfortunately I constantly get error messages when signing in. There are always problems with my 'strong' password or with the characters that I enter!

atombat said...

I have issues 1,2,4,6,8 and 14. I believe the series ended with issue 17 on September the 9th. My issue 14 is dated 19th August '89 shows that ronlal has the final issue... :O

Natasha said...

I don't know about these comics, but I have a rating for them (I just guessed how much it would be if I read it): *****. 5 stars, that is. Oh, could you please post the stories in another post? Please? I'd love to read them...!

Paul said...

Thank you Atombat.

Hi Natasha, I would love to do a scan of all the stories but at the moment I don't have a scanner, but when I do I shall try and get round to scanning them for you.

tony said...

i have the first three issues and with the free gifts.also i have 1.3 with the free gifts.and the first ten issues with no free gifts.tony.

Paul said...

Hi Tony, nice to hear you have several other issues of Wicked too, did these all feature Slimer on the cover?

Neil said...

Hello there,
I run a wiki about UK comics which has a page on Wicked (or It's Wicked, or whatever you want to call it), derived largely from an entry in Graham Kibble-White's Ultimate Book of British Comics:!

Any chance I could nab one of your pictures for the page?

By the way, I've been reading your blog for a while, good stuff!

Paul said...

Hi Neil
Yes its fine to use one of the pictures. I think I have been on the Uk comics Wiki before, remember it was very good,will take another look. Glad you enjoy the blog,thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have all 17 issues, any one interested?

Anonymous said...

Hi, if anyone is interested in selling me issue 3, or a complete set, let me know-