Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'HORROR BAGS' Dracula Puppet

As you may or not noticed it has been quite awile since I last posted here, sorry if you keep coming back and not seeing anything new;been quite busy lately and very tired.Anyway I'm going to try and post more regular from now on if I can.


Well at long last I have at last seen a photo of the illusive Dracula hand puppet from Smiths Horror Bags [See pic] this one was on Ebay not so long ago.Never thought I would ever see an actual one,only ever seen the advertisement from a comic,looks quite nice and better quality than I thought;wasn't even sure what the puppet was made of. I did put a bid on for this but as usual I got outbid which is always the case when I can't be near the computer near the end of the auction,oh well it was just nice to see a photo.


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Hey, you're back! Fantastic stuff.

I know how you feel about missing out on auctions, especially with TRULY rare things like this.

Arfon Jones said...

That is a great shame it looks fantastic. You need an ebay mate that you can trust to put a bid on for you when you can’t be by a computer ;)

John M. Gilheany said...

Great to see, at last but a bit naff, I reckon! Still, it looks better quality than I imagined which was something made from polythene for some reason.

Anonymous said...

If I can't be near the computer as the auction ends, I use Gixen, which is a free eBay sniping tool.

Put your maximum bid on, and it bids for you just before the auction closes.

May you get loads of Horror Bags stuff this way :-)

Salt and vinegar bones were definitely my favourite!