Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CREEPY COMIX - 'Hire a horror'

'Hire a Horror' was a comicstrip that appeared in 'Cor' comic. This was about an agency that hired out monsters etc to clients to use to scare someone in particuliar situations. The panels here were taken from the 17th April 1971 issue.


John said...

Artist Reg Partlett was probably the only Fleetway cartoonist to have his work featured in a book some years back.

John said...

...slight spelling mistake there:

Paul said...

Hi John
What book was that?
Hope you are liking the posts, I'll try and get some more on when I have more time.

John said...

Hi Paul,

Yeah, there's already an atmos in the Creepy Comix section!

There's further details of the book on the wikipedia page. It's well worth obtaining; I flogged my own copy several years back.

I just checked out The Damned's video for Grimly Feendish on YouTube - it seems to look the part (given that Fleetway probably had likeness rights issues at the time).

There's another character that rings a bell from the Hire A Horror logo - Little 'Orror I think he was called in 'Cracker' which merged with the Topper. He was basically a junior 'Horror Bags' vampire! Cracker had a bit of quality to it in the standard Beano/Dandy style and eventually appeared as a foldable pull-out supplement to The Topper - worth checking out.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Excellent, Bewitched Belinda was one of his too. :)

John said...

Bewitched Belinda was always one of the first few strips that I'd read (probably fancied her!)

I've just posted another slight mix-up there. It was the Beezer that consumed Cracker. I never really took to D.C. Thompson comics for some reason. There's a comprehensive feature on Cracker at:

- complete with Little 'Orror portarait!

Anonymous said...

I've got some stuff to scan, where do I send it?

Paul said...

What scans do you have?

John said...

There's a great Reg Parlett fansite at:

Checkout 'Rent-a-Ghost Ltd.'from Buster which pre-dated 'Hire-a-Horror'with some great scripts to match the art!