Thursday, June 07, 2007

CREEPY COMIX - 'Grimly Feendish'

Here is another comicstrip character that first appeared in 'Wham' [along side George Michael - no of course not, could you imagine though?]. He was the main villain in the comicstrip 'Eagle-eye Junior Spy'. The picture above is from issue no.30 (9th January 1965). Odham's Press Publishers of 'Wham' comic launched a second comic title called 'Smash' in which Grimly got his own strip on the back pages, this time he had a greenish tint to his skin. I am sure he must be inspired by The Addams family character Uncle Fester, certainly there is a likeness, especially from the original Charles Addams illustrations. Eventually Fleetway/IPC obtained the rights to Odham's Characters and Grimly Feendish would be seen again in 'Shiver and Shake' (1973/74). The black and white strip above is from the Pick-a-strip page when Shiver and Shake were incorporated with Whoopee. Dated 9th November 1974. [Thanks to John for the Eagle-Eye strip]


John said...

I'm glad that his gang of strange hobgoblins continued to appear in the 70's, as IPC/Fleetway usually tended to sanitise their strips. The Damned did a great homage in 1985; the perfect soundtrack!

Anonymous said...

wonderful! more please

Joe said...

Of course Grimly had a recent new lease of life in DC's Albion by Alan Moore, his daughter Leah Moore, partner John Reppion and artist Shane Oakley, which took a number of classic Brit comics characters and treated them as real. Well worth a read.