Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CREEPY COMIX - Krazy Spooky issue/Buster spooky stories

Although 'Krazy' comic had not featured any spooky type strips for 70 odd issues, there came a special themed issue from 26th Febuary 1977. Other non-horror/spooky comics sometimes had a special themed issue or special, and not always around Halloween which many general comics/magazines choose to do a spooky special. 'Beano' comic published a few spooky specials in recent years and 'Buster' had a couple of softcover annuals - 'Buster book of spooky stories' 1975 and in 1976. These were comicstrips, stories and real life spooky stories and legends.

I am sure there are many others, of which I will post as soon as I find out about any ones of interest. Thanks to John for the Krazy cover.


John said...

Those Buster books were a year or so before my time and not something you see too often these days. I'll keep a look out from now on though as they seem to have something for everyone.

Bit of an odd host for such a caper really, Buster, but then again the contrast works really well.

Anonymous said...

Buster book of spooky stories... I must have memorized that. My favourite book for YEARS.
Looking at the pics, its the 1975 that I had. *sigh*

marcusmuck said...

The Buster books (which amazingly I've still got) were a real oddity. I'm not sure whether some of the strips were reprints from Lion or other comics but they were very good. They sell on ebay for £20-odd now.

John said...

I knew there was something 'token' about Buster's patronage of these books!

Apparantly the publisher intended to release a weekly horror comic but there were reservations at the eleventh hour, so most of the material was re-hashed (but at least salvaged) in the Buster books.

They got their bottle back a few years later with 'Misty' after their rivals, D.C. Thompson, had been successful with 'Spellbound'.

See: 'The Short-Lived Saga of Scream' in The Thirteenth Floor (compilation of episodes 1-11)- Hibernia publishers 2007