Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I wish I was still at school when these 'Horror Bag' pencil cases came out, these are wonderful and the sort of thing that never seems to get made anymore, well as far as I am aware. The first 4 you see here were made by Helix, the top one is made of plastic and the other 3 made of soft vinyl. The coffin shape one at the bottom I don't think was made by Helix, this is also vinyl. The vinyl Helix ones have a date of 1986 on them, not sure when they actually came out though. Helix also made other items in the 'Horror Bag' range such as a large black plastic spider pencil holder, exercise book, and pencils, there may of been others too.


Anonymous said...

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Great site

Paul said...

Thank you.

Glad you like the site.

sallyanne said...

Looking to buy the Horror Bag Pencil case ( hands scraping down wall design ) use to have this pencil case - hung on to it for years after leaving school. Now it has dissapeared into thin air much to my dismay. If anyone has one that they are will to part with , email me on sally@hms-group.co.uk
Many thanks Paul , your website is fantastic, Sallyanne

Paul said...

Hi Sallyann
If I ever see another one of the pencil cases I shall certainly let you know, I must admit I haven't seen any more of the Horror Bag pencil cases just yet, I'm sure some will turn up sooner or later. Have you tried on Ebay?

Thanks for your kind comment, glad you enjoy visiting the Cobwebbed Room.

Anonymous said...

i've been using that horror bag with the nails scraping down the wall as the thing i toted tampons around in for 31 years... and the zipper just broke. after seeing this post, i may just have to get the zipper replaced.