Monday, February 04, 2008

'JACKPOT' Comic - win your weight in crisps winner

Well here is the lucky winner of the Win your weight in Smiths snacks and look not even a single Horror bag box in sight, although there is some Monster Munch boxes. Do you think the winner would of kept any of the empty packets or used the empty boxes to store things and still have them, I doubt it.

Thanks to Peter for the scan.


Anonymous said...

Jammy Cow! odd that no mention is made of Fangs?

Wil said...

She's probably still working her way through them, cursing the day she entered the compo!

John said...

Can you imagine how outrageous this type of a feature would be today with all the uproar over obesity and junk food!

Anonymous said...

I just googled and found this entry. I think my Dad still has a copy of the comic at home

I can happily say that winning 21 boxes of smiths snacks didn't leave any physical or psychological impact on me.

I weigh eight and a half stone and (I remember I was five stone two when I won)

But totally agree... this kind of competition would be banned now.

Thankyou... you've made my day!!


Paul said...

It is so good to hear from the actual winner, thanks for stopping by. Winning 21 boxes, wow. Must of took up a lot of room. I should imagine the novelty wore off after awhile. Did you end up just giving lots of them away?
Glad I made your day
All the best