Thursday, February 21, 2008

'BARRETT'S HOUSE OF HORROR' Sweet cigarette cards

Sweet cigarettes or candy sticks were and probally still a popular children's sweet, the white sugary sticks with a red tip were usually quite hard to bite into unless you left them out for awhile, they were quite tasty though. These sweet cigarettes came in little boxes illustrated with either cartoon characters, Marvel comic super heroes, TV characters, etc. One of interest to the Cobwebbed Room is the House of Horror set from Barretts which came out I think during the late 70's/early 80's, featured colour cartoon artwork of monsters and horror scenes and on the back a little about the picture on the front. There were 50 cards to collect in the set of which a few examples are shown above and also 4 empty packs which were being sold on ebay, first time I had seen a picture of the boxes. Nicely illustrated boxes and cards. Can you imagine how many boxes of House of Horror you would have to buy to try and get a complete set of cards, you only get one card per box.

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