Tuesday, February 05, 2008


'Harry's Haunted House' first appeared in the 1st issue of Whizzer and Chips back in 1969 and continued up untill the merger with Krazy comic in 1978. This particular episode is from the 1977 Christmas issue.

Here we see Harry boarding up his windows on seeing his approaching landlord, whom Harry thinks is after his rent ['Why Don't you phone for your rent, then I could just hang up'] The Landlord though as a proposition for Harry in which they could both make money by opening up the house as a genuine haunted house, but as you can see nothing goes to plan for the landlord.

The cliche ghost [Sheet ghost] is a familiar concept in many children's comicstrips, I suppose its because it just works as its a more likely image that children would recognize as a ghost and it works better for a funny story like in the children's puppet TV series 'The Spooks of Bottle Bay'.
Thanks to John for the scan

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John said...

The snow effects to all the logos were always a lovely touch in the Christmas issues.