Sunday, February 24, 2008

'HORROR BAGS' Fangs Iron-on T-Shirt transfer offer

Its a shame that the above picture is not an actual scan of the bag itself, but what we have here is a scan from a book called 1970's scrapbook, what is great about another picture of a Fangs bag is that as you can just make out is another item in the number of promotional items from Horror Bags. This time a cool looking Iron-on transfer, from what can be made out this would of made one of the must of items by sending those empty packets, I would love to have a T-shirt with the Horror bags/Vampire logo on. I wonder if any of these T-shirts exist still with that transfer still intact which kids would of probally got there mums to iron on. Maybe one will turn up in a charity shop/jumble sale or maybe some were passed down to the next generation, or just worn away as they tend to do.

Thanks to Darren


John said...

There's just no end to Horror Bags' inventiveness with those spin-offs.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic picture, What great "offers" they did.