Tuesday, February 05, 2008

'CROSSE AND BLACKWELL' - Spooky old house board game ad

Here we have a advertisement for Crosse and Blackwell's Alphabetti Spaghetti in which you could send away for a spooky game by collecting 4 Alphabetti Spaghetti labels. Its a shame the ad doesn't show you a picture of the game. Can anyone remember this promotion that sent for the game, loved to see a picture of it.

The boy in the picture reminds me of the boy in the 'Charley Says' Public information films - 'Charley says you should never go into a haunted house without taking your Mummy or daddy'

Thanks to Rich for the scan


John said...

Love that inevitable castle and moonlight image in the distance!

Anonymous said...

I had this game and played it to bits. I'd been sure it was a freebie from some sort of spaghetti letters and your ad proves me right. I've been asking on www.doyouremember.co.uk forums, but after over 600 views of my request, no-one has yet come up with a piccy. I'd dearly love to see a scan of this game again. And yes, it was one of those games where a cvertain square near the end, sent you almost all the way back to the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Used to play this when I visited my grandparents.

Just found a photo of the board on an expired listing on ebay.