Saturday, November 03, 2007


I got these screen captures sent to me from an advert for 'Trebor Mummies' from 1980, is there anyone that remembers these or has any magazine adverts from them?

A freind of mine was on about a chocalate bar he remembers called 'Monsters' which featured on each wrapper a different monster such as King Kong, Dracula, Mummy etc. Anyone remember these too?

Also he remembers a Tudor crisps send away promotion for Wear-em Scare-ems, which were metal pendants of monster type characters I think. Any ads for these or scans/pictures of the Wear-em Scare-ems would be great to see too.

Thanks to Rich for the screen captures.


Anonymous said...

as a huge Trebor fan,I can't say i recall those at all!!
great stuff

John said...

Gadzooks! I can remember buying them because of the horror theme but absolutely nothing about the taste! I think they were similar to 'Double Agents' - great to be back in the newsagents again!

Anonymous said...

Hav'nt seen these for donkeys..."THE TASTE OF THE TOMB".. Steve.B

Anonymous said...

I have a set of ware-em scare-em's with the oroginal info cards. When I find them, who should I email the pictures to ? Might list them on ebay if there is any interest..


Paul said...

Hi Andrew

These would be really great to see, thank you.
My email is:

Thanks again

Phil said...

As I remember it, they were pretty much re-badged Double Agents, so boiled sweets with a fizzy centre... each wrapper had a different spooky story on the inside and you were supposed to collect them all I think. I lived in Scotlad in the late 70's and the ghost story wrappers were like currency in the playground :)

Phil said...

Some wrapper scans here:

Paul said...

I can see what you mean about Trebor Mummies being like re-badged Double Agent sweets.Thanks for the link, would love to get some of those wrappers.How many do you think were in the set?

Anonymous said...

Which reminds me... Double Agents (or Secret Agents) had a promo glow-in-the-dark iron-on transfer of their 'spy' character, and, I think in the same promo pack, a sheet of peel-off GITD stickers, including arrows, footprints, googly eyes, and such.