Friday, November 02, 2007

'HORROR BAGS' - Super horrid picture cards

The first post I did about these cards was that it featured only one of the six cards, now with kindness of Gutter from who has let me use the image from his site we can now see the rest of the cards in the set and see the completed picture they form.

Thanks again Gutter.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe there was so much stuff sold by Smiths. loved these crisps, but can only recall ever sending off for the Green circular ahnd "gripper".
Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

These anon comments are all by me..Darren/Daz BTW. forgotten my Login..;)
Love this Horror bags stuff, great memories and a great product. Can't think od anything similar today, maybe a cross between those salt 'n vinegar twists by Bobbys and Space raiders for shape. a unique great Smiths snack

John said...

Greatsuff, I had a feeling that those inventive folks at the H.Bgs design debt would have come up something more novel than single cards. I wonder what a 'trained' artistic eye would make of it...?

I went through a fad of buying beef Space Raiders recently, as for all I could remember it was a 'snack that goes crunch in the night' that's been under my nose since Horror Bags left the shelves. Quite nice too, those Vinegar 'Ribs' must have been a bit sharp!