Thursday, November 15, 2007

'Monster/horror crisp packets'

Anyone remember these that came out during the late 80's/1990's? Here we have a packet of 'Jaws 2' barbecue beef corn snacks by Sooner Foods [don't think I have seen other brands from them before] that were around in 1987. I forget what shape 'the snack that bites back' were like, nice image on the pack though. Next up is 'The Real Ghostbusters' salt and vinegar snacks, I forget which company produced these as I don't have the packet to hand. These were from 1988 and as you can see you could send for free real ghostbusters glow-in-the-dark stickers. The next two packs are for 'Supernatural ghouls' and 'Supernatural Spectres'. Here the Ghouls were Terrifying Tomato and the Spectres were Shocking salt and vinegar flavour. These I think were from sometime during the 1990's and in the same sort of cheap corn snacks product as Space Raiders that we have now.

I have some 'Goosebumps' ones I will show you in the next few days.

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