Thursday, November 01, 2007

'HORROR BAGS' - Vinyl swimming bag

Well at last after probally 30 years I have now got a photo of the Horror bags swimming bag, here in the photo you can see that it is called 'HORROR BAG'. It is not how I seem to remember it when my freind had one, but it was a long time ago and I didn't have much chance to look at it properley. Now looking at this bag I think it is a great item and the picture on the front is wonderful and nicely detailed and I certainly would be proud to carry it around with me.

Thank you so much Steve C for the pic and reasurring my memory


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow!

John said...

Wow! Fantastic! + Amazing!!!

I had my doubts Paul, that such an item ever really existed - not your recollection; just that it might have been a lucky kid with artistic parents! I mean, a swimming bag and horror seemed a bit unlikely and borderline bad taste (!) but it's a world away from anything unpleasant and a superb find in such great nick. Another great burst of Horror bags lightning for the 21st century - I can almost hear our old friend in the top hat cackle!!!