Tuesday, November 06, 2007

'HORROR BAGS' - Pastiche

John a regular contibuter to The Cobwebbed Room sent me this wonderful inspired peice of artwork based on the Horror bag range. I was so impressed by it that I told him that you could almost be mistaken that it was an original Horror bags design that never went into production. You can almost imagine the actual packet and what type of skull shape the actual snacks would look like. I bet John could of become one of the designers of the original range during their heyday.

Anyway I'll let John explain his inspiration and the process behind the art:

'It's an entirely amateur affair which stemmed from sheer enthusiasm and an idea that just wouldn't go away! (That deleted scene from 'The Return of the King' with the avalanche of skulls in the caves probably had something to do with it.)

Apart from that, extrapolation seems to be about pinching the main elements of a concept and just asking yourself: 'What's left?' Well, in the case of Horror Bags, not a lot! Apart from 'Skulls' there's only 'Knees & Elbows' that haven't been turned into crisps! As far as I can remember 'Fangs' had a red background and I seem to recall a green packet of 'Bats' from wherever. That only left blue as an obvious but less garish background scheme than that of typical packaging design where every product has to appear more dazzling than the one next to it on the shelves but they tend to look hideous, individually!

I'm quite pleased with the feel of 'Skulls' anyway but if anyone with computer colouring skills could polish the blues and reds it would look a lot better - felt tips seem to have gone out in the early 80's as well!"

Thanks John.

Lets hope this will inspire others to put on their creative heads and come up with some more inspired Horror Bags designs. All for entertainment purposes of course.

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There's other stuff at:http://jmartdab.blogspot.com/