Tuesday, November 06, 2007

'LEMFIZZ' Slabs of sweet

These tangerine or lime chalky slabs of sweet were another sweet item that came out [1980's?] that made you wonder why they decided on having monsters on the wrapper which had no real reason to, apart from monsters sell. When you think of monsters do you think of half inch think chalky sour sweets? Anyway these wrappers are pretty cool, I can't remember if there were other non-monster designs for Lemfizz.


Heather said...

Fantastic, nice to see some sweets from my childhood years.

Paul said...

Hello Heather
Pleased that you remember these too.
I have some similiar wrappers to put up from the same sort of era.

heather said...

Great news, i shall keep checking back, Great blog :)

Anonymous said...

Darren said...
Yes, there were non-Horror Lemfizz.
see here.