Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'RADIO TIMES' covers

Horror/supernatural themes seem to be an almost negleted genre to be featured on the cover of the first and best of the TV guides. Now science fiction, well thats a different matter; just look at the amount of Doctor Who covers there have been lately.

Well here are a few issues that feature a horror/supernatural theme, I am not really sure what genre covers TV Times featured. I have seen a couple from the ABC television series 'Mystery and Imagination'. I am sure there must be many more, anybody know of any?
Issues are as follows:
Haunting ground (1975)
Horror double bill (1980) features article about horror films
Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (1980) David Hemmings
Ghost Watch (1992) the spoof fly-on the wall one off programme
Horror special (1994) Features on Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Kate O'Mara, Stephen King.

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