Monday, November 05, 2007


I remember this box for sale on ebay some months ago and I was going to bid for it but it was a little too much for me at the time, but I suppose you would expect something as obscure as this to be not cheap, I think it was about 25 pounds. I had nether heard of Bats in the Horror bag range before and I haven't seen any pictures of the packets either, maybe someone knows something about them. The picture shows the side and front of the box.

Thanks to Darren for the scan


John said...

Yegods! I thought it was just a rumour...they must have been one of the first in the range. Great cyber-hoarding, guys!

Anonymous said...

Darren said..
I believe these were the last of the range to be introduced

Anonymous said...

Its back up for sale again, Paul


Paul said...

Thanks Daz
Yeah I noticed this Daz, wouldn't mind it but would love to find one of the wrappers as well.