Saturday, November 01, 2008


Anybody that read 'Scream' comic (1984) will know that the editor Ghastly McNasty's face was never revealed. Each week you could send in your drawings of what you thought Ghastly's face looked like. It wasn't untill Scream Holiday Special in 1986 that Ghastly's face was revealed and here it is for those who never saw it. Is it has horrible as you thought?


when is evil cool? said...

no mcnasty's face is definitely not as scary as i thought it was. i had an issue or two of this way back when. not knowing what his face was like was a cool gimmick.

was the final face the winner of a contest or something?

Paul said...

Yes I know what you mean about McNasty's face not as scary as I imagined it to be, the winner of the contest won 50 pounds for guessing McNasty's face.

barry Young said...

in america politicians try to match faces with ideology.

is ghastly by any chance a conservative?