Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'JAWS 3D SCENES' - Weetabix 1983ish

A good freind of mine let me borrow these 2 'Jaws 3-d' scenes from the backs of Weetabix to put here in The Cobwebbed Room'. I can't actually remember seeing these when they came out but I do remember seeing the film at the cinema, not a great plot but I always enjoy watching a 3-D film. The first one I saw was 'Friday the 13th 3-D', I then later saw 'Amityville 3' and 'Spacehunter'. I really like all these opitical type pictures, films etc such as Viewmaster slides, Holograms, 3-D images etc. The 2 images you see here were 2 of 4 that could be collected from Weetabix packets, 2 were featured on the 18 biscuit packs and 2 on the 27 packs. Would love to see the other 2 if anyone has them and would like to share them here it would be much appricated.

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