Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'Palladium Cellars' - screen captures from Norwegian film

Well I never thought I would actually see any footage of 'The Palladium Cellars' but thanks to Henrick from Norway who told me about a film from his homeland that featured the cellars, I must admit I did have my doubts, well you wouldn't expect it from any film let alone one from Norway, but it was true and I am so pleased that he let me know. Now because I had never visited the Palladium Cellars this was the next best thing to see this wonderful place that a few people had told me about and which is now long gone. The pictures you see here are from the film and shows the entrance with pictures and posters from the cellars, next we have screen captures of some of the actual exhibits featured in the film, here are Christina from The Phantom of the Opera, Dr. Frankenstein and Monster, and Dracula with victim. Wonderful stuff but unfortunatly not long enough, I was hoping to see the Curse of the Werewolf exhibit too, but beggars can't be choosers, the footage I have seen has been fantastic. Other exhibits featured in the short scene include, Keystone Cops, Bogart, John Wayne, Lee Van Cleef, and part of the Saturn 3 set. The films title 'Olsenbanden Gir Seg Aldri' is 1 of a series of comedy films featuring 2 of Norwegians top comedy actors. Great film by the way.

Thanks to Henrick.


vincent said...

keep loving horror,goodf work.
saludos from Argentina!

Antony said...

There is some other footage of the Palladium Cellars that may still exist. It was featured on Chris Kellys Clapperboard (made by Granada Television). I remember watching it when it was broadcast at the time the Palladium Cellars opened (must have been around 1980). Somebody may have an old copy on video. The feature included an interview with someone who worked on the exhibits and showed some of the display
including the werewolf shaking the bars.

Paul said...

Hi Antony
Thanks for the information, I used to watch Clapperboard myself but not sure if I ever saw the episode featuring the Palladium Cellars. I would really love to get a copy of this, like you say someone may have a copy on video somewhere. Certainly would be great to see footage of the Werewolf.