Saturday, November 01, 2008

HORROR BAGS 'CLAWS' packet - Horror Grippers offer

Well here at last is a couple of scans of the 'CLAWS' Horror Bags packet that featured the Horror Grippers offer, as you can see there were 3 to collect Claws, Bones, and Mr.Horror Bags himself. Nice little set these, still have yet to find any or anyone who has a set or at least one of them would be nice to see. Still looking for the Dracula hand puppet and any other interesting pictures connected to the Horror Bag range.
Thanks to Darren


Planet Mondo said...

I had the 'claws' one in green - PS know it's a bit late now, but I made of seventy minute monster mix of spooky tunes for Halloween - you can grab it here if you fancy a blast

Anonymous said...

Green claws?? are you sure it wasn't Ribs?? :)

Paul said...

'Ribs' was the name of one of the Horror Bags range. The green Claw was one of the Horror Grippers.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see, I thought he was referring to the actual packet.

cplmarr said...

I have these somewhere! I ate my own body weight in Horro Bags as a kid and I sent off for these. I have them in storage - only trouble is I am out in the Middle East for the next few years! I promise once I get them unpacked I'll send you photos!

Paul said...

Hi cplMarr

Thank you, would really like to see a photo of the Horror Grippers. Do you still have any other Horror Bags items?

All the best

cplmarr said...

As mentioned before I had the Tshirt transfer and the full set of grippers. There were some other items I am sure but I can't remember them. I do remember a TV advert - I am sure they had a guy dressed up as the vampire in a top hat. Does anyone remember that?

When those grippers come to light I'll get them photographed but don't hold your breath - I am in the Middle East now for at least 3 years!

The claw was green, the skull was yellow and the vampire was red. Were there only 3?

Paul said...

Have you seen the Horror Bags TV advert for 'Bats' on the this blog?
There doesn't seem to be many who remember the advert of TV.

I am presuming that you don't have the Horror Grippers with you in the Middle East?

Yes I think there were just the 3, thanks for saying what the colours were.

Anonymous said...
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