Friday, April 06, 2007

'Spooky ads for non spooky products'

Advertisers always find a
different way to promote
a product;sometimes play-
ing what is popular at the time, whats works well,what would works that
kind of fits in with the product etc. Horror, monsters, etc are no exception as you can see from these three examples of product advertising that were printed in British comics, of course aimed at children. The first is 'Fangs of Dracula' done as a comic strip advertising 'Signal' toothpaste; of course we have here the connection of Dracula and teeth/fangs with using toothpaste. The advert also has a book on horror and a pair of Dracula fangs that could be sent for as promotional offer for Signal. The next advert for Kellogg's Frosties also is done as a comicstrip and features Tony the Tiger spending a night in a Haunted House, which turns out to be a dream, is Frosties saves the day. The last advert is for 'Jammie Dodgers' which features
a Spooky T-Shirt offer on special packs of Jammie Dodgers.
As you can see the T-shirt features a ribcage on front and back.
I'll stick some more spooky ads on sometime as soon as I sort them out. Unless you have any yourself that you could possibly send a scan to The Cobwebbed room to be featured for next time.
Thanks to John for the 3 adverts.

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