Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Reverse of Mask
Grizzly Growler Mask
Here's an unusual 'Horror Bags' send away item, its a Grizzly Growler Mask that isn't really a mask, just a card picture of Dracula, and on the back it originally contained a spooky record.
Great graphics though. Thanks to John for this contribution.


John said...

Hope you find one in better nick with the record attached. It's still strongly luminous apart from the area where I stuck some theatrical blood onto the chin...not thinking about preserving it for future generations etc!

John said...

Asda's huge selection of Halloween ware contains a 'Scary Sounds' CD - 75 minutes for under a quid - among many other splendid items.

Paul said...

Yes Asda certainly do Halloween proud with their selection of Halloween goodies. Love the animated items they get in, have you seen the 6ft animated creepy butler?

John said...

Indeed, yes. It's more like a trip to the fair than a walk through a supermarket!