Sunday, April 15, 2007

'HORROR BAGS' super horrid picture cards ad

Well here is another Horor Bags ad from 1976/77. This time for Super Horrid Picture cards, a set of six cards that form a big? scary 6inch square picture and on the back of the cards a spooky story about the Dracula character.
The ad artwork is a little cruder than the other ads featured in The Cobbwebbed room, although I quite like the picture of Dracula. This must of been one of the cheaper promotional items for Horror Bags. Now what is needed is advertisements for the serpents and stairs game and the vinyl swimming bag. If there is anyone that can provide scans of these or any others not featured all ready, please get in touch.
Thanks to neil for this contribution.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these (and thanks John) great memories

Gutter said...

ah, okay...this is the item that i've posted at my blog, showing the six cards placed together to form the skull. view it here..
as i said before, feel free to paste my image onto your blog.

are you considering a post on Topps Chewing Gum Hammer Horrow trading cards from the '70s? i've got a whole bunch of 'em if you want scans.

Paul said...

Thanks for that gutter, its always great to something new on horror bags. Thanks for letting me use the image on my blog.
Yes i am thinking about doing a peice on the Topps Hammer horror cards, any scans of these would be really great. I do have a picture of the box they came in which I saw on ebay awhile ago.
Thanks again