Monday, April 09, 2007

'THE BLACK BOX CLUB' audio magazine

Here is a great item that came out during the 1980's - A audio magazine on cassette. This was made and produced by Mark Phelps who also used to publish a Peter Cushing fanzine. 'The Black box club' was a very well put together audio magazine that mainly concentrated on Hammer and Amicus films and their makers. The first copy of the cassettes featured such items as an interview with 'Legend of the Werewolf' star David Rintoul, part 1 of a comedy story called "Attack of the killer wardrobe', 'Dr.Bedlam's bedtime terror tales', video Reviews, news, jingles, well wishes from famous people such as Geoffrey Bayldon, etc. The Black box club kind of had a feel of a radio show, very entertaining, and Mark Phelps was enthusiastic and funny, the black box club had a feel good feel to it, besides being informative. I only ever got round to buying this first issue, but years later when I wrote to Mark again, he sent me lots of flyers about other issues that he had made and he said that the quality was alot better this time. Take alook at the flyer above which tells you about the other editions of the Black box club that were available. Unfortunately I nether got round to ordering the rest of them and I lost contact with Mark.
Is there anyone else that remembers The Black Box Club? I would love to hear from you.

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