Tuesday, May 20, 2008

'Monsters' Junior Observer

I came across these while looking through some clippings which I forgot I had, These were featured in the Junior Observer section of The Observer magazine. I thought that they were interesting enough to put on The Cobwebbed Room, especially the artwork you see here on these small peices about monsters, anyone know how many of these there were or does anyone have anymore they could share here? These are from 1977.


Pat Nolan said...

What an awesome blog you have!!!!!
love the pics. I wish someone with the time and resourses could somehow collect all these cool pics into a large format book.
Thank you for time, Pat

Paul said...

Hi Pat
Thank you for your kind comments.
I too wish that someone would put a book together as there is hardly any coverage of the British Horror scene, especially regards popular culture.
All the best

Natasha said...

Cool, I just love your blog! Speacially the pics!

Natasha said...

C-o-o-l spells cool!